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Effective teams are critical to success in any endeavor. Business, education, non-profit and even little league soccer teams are committed to producing results. Unfortunately, traditional team trainings have languished. Them of “Corporate team building” elicits groans and resignation. What if your team was excited for their “team bonding” day?

Our 18’x5′ paddleboards (holding 10 persons at once), is perfect for teams. West Shirley, with 20 years as an outdoor educator, will lead your team through an insightful and challenging team building session. Teams are challenged to discover their level of cohesion or “INSYNC”. Team members identify any past based notions about themselves or “pigeon-holed” roles within the group. Once outdated and obstructive ideas are identified and set aside, the creation of new, empowering processes can easily be seen. Explosive results immediately follow. And it’s a blast! It may be the hardest fun you’ll have!

After an initial consultation, West will co-create a custom program to best accomplish the desired outcomes.

Team SUP
a group of people standing on top of a sandy beach